Understanding FDA Rules for Dietary Supplement Labels

Jan 4, 2022
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When it comes to labeling dietary supplements, understanding the FDA regulations is crucial. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific requirements in place to ensure that dietary supplement labels provide consumers with accurate and transparent information about the products they are purchasing. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about the FDA rules for dietary supplement labels.

What Features Are Required on Labels of Dietary Supplements?

One of the key requirements for FDA supplements labeling is the inclusion of certain elements on the product label. These elements help consumers make informed decisions when choosing dietary supplements:

  • Product Name: The name of the health supplement should be clearly displayed on the label.
  • Ingredients List: A detailed list of all ingredients used in the product, including any allergens, should be provided.
  • Serving Size: Information on the recommended serving size and the number of servings per container should be included.
  • Nutritional Information: The label must contain a nutrition facts panel indicating the amount of key nutrients present in the supplement.
  • Manufacturer Information: The name and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor should be provided.
  • Health Claims: Any health claims made on the label must be substantiated and compliant with FDA regulations.

FDA Supplement Labeling Requirements

The FDA has strict guidelines in place to regulate the labeling of dietary supplements. It is important for manufacturers to adhere to these requirements to ensure compliance and consumer safety. Some key FDA supplement label requirements include:

  • Accurate Information: All information on the label must be truthful, not misleading, and comply with FDA regulations.
  • Proper Labeling: The label should be clear, conspicuous, and in a readable font size.
  • Disclaimer Statements: Certain dietary supplement disclaimers are required by the FDA to inform consumers about the intended use and limitations of the product.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): Manufacturers must follow GMP guidelines for the production and labeling of dietary supplements.

Staying Compliant with FDA Requirements for Health Supplement Labels

Ensuring compliance with FDA regulations is essential for health supplement manufacturers. By following the guidelines set forth by the FDA, companies can build trust with consumers and demonstrate a commitment to product quality and safety. It is recommended to consult with regulatory experts to stay up-to-date on any changes to FDA rules for dietary supplement labels.


In conclusion, understanding the FDA rules for dietary supplement labels is imperative for companies in the dietary supplement industry. By complying with FDA requirements for health supplement labels, manufacturers can provide consumers with accurate information and promote transparency in the marketplace.