The Worst Rebrand in History: How to Avoid Tropicana's Famous Failure

Dec 23, 2019

In the world of branding, a successful rebrand can breathe new life into a company, but a failed rebrand can lead to disastrous consequences. Tropicana, the iconic orange juice brand, learned this lesson the hard way with what is often considered one of the worst rebrands of all time.

Tropicana's Logo Change Debacle

Back in 2009, Tropicana decided to undergo a major redesign of its packaging and logo. The Tropicana new logo was meant to modernize the brand and appeal to a younger demographic. However, the Tropicana old logo had been a beloved symbol for decades, and the abrupt change left consumers confused and alienated.

The Impact of Tropicana's Rebranding Failure

The new packaging featured a minimalist design that eliminated the familiar imagery of a straw sticking out of an orange, which had become synonymous with the brand. Consumers were quick to voice their displeasure with the changes, leading to a sharp decline in sales.

Lessons Learned from Tropicana's Failed Rebrand

The Tropicana rebranding disaster serves as a cautionary tale for companies considering a rebrand. It highlights the importance of deeply understanding your audience, respecting the legacy of your brand, and carefully communicating changes to consumers.

How to Avoid a Tropicana-Like Rebranding Fail

1. Conduct thorough market research to understand consumer preferences and perceptions of your brand.

2. Involve key stakeholders and loyal customers in the rebranding process to ensure buy-in and acceptance.

3. Test any proposed changes with focus groups or surveys before implementing them on a large scale.

4. Communicate openly and transparently with consumers about the reasons behind the rebrand and the benefits it will bring.

The Legacy of Tropicana's Logo Disaster

Despite attempts to backtrack on the changes and revert to the classic Tropicana look, the damage had been done. The Tropicana packaging failure will forever serve as a reminder of the perils of hasty or poorly executed rebranding efforts.

The Importance of Brand Identity

Your brand's visual identity, including your logo and packaging, plays a crucial role in how consumers perceive and connect with your products or services. A successful rebrand should enhance, not detract from, this identity.


As you navigate the world of branding and consider potential changes to your company's visual identity, remember the cautionary tale of Tropicana's failed rebrand. By learning from their mistakes and implementing best practices, you can ensure that your rebranding efforts are met with success rather than skepticism.

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